Spindle has the infrastructure and facilities in place now to handle your import/export storage needs. Our experienced personnel has been with the company since its inception. We coordinate with custom brokers, produce shippers and trucking companies, some on-site, that are ready to attend to all our customer’s needs.

The cooler is placed on twelve (12) acres of land which allows ample space for the parking and temporary storage of trucks and other equipment or goods.

The facility has over 40,000 sq. ft. of refrigeration comprised of;

4,000 sq. ft. of freezer space,
19,000 sq. ft. of cold storage kept at 33-36 degrees F and a
16,500 sq. ft holding room kept at 45-50 degrees F.

Our covered receiving dock is over 10,000 sq. ft and easily allows for short-term storage of dry goods.

On-site office space is available for rent to our customers to facilitate their operations.

Spindle #1

7000 ft² Pre-cooling
16500 ft² 33-36° c cold
16500 ft² 45-50° c cold
1000 ft² freezer
10000 cover dock
12 acres yard/ parking

Spindle #2

24000 ft² 33-36° c cold